Week 5: Review, Be-Do-Have

Review material from the first four classes. Clarify, answer questions.
Ask about purpose exercises
Ask who has been doing the tapping exercises and who will share a success?
Review and Tap on identity statements.
Purpose of adversity
White wedding dress metaphor – a women in a white wedding dress won’t want to work in a muddy pig pen. When you see yourself as someone clean, someone respectable, you won’t want to make choices that tarnish your life.
Story: a college friend who was comfortable in her own skin, unattached to judgments & opinion of others. This allowed her to make good choices and enjoy life without fear of rejection.
Do – Have – Be vs  Be – Do – Have
Most people focus on what they are going to DO before they figure out how they want to BE, and how they want their life to BE. They just make choices to DO things. Focus on how you want your life to BE, not what you will be doing. If you first BECOME what you should BE, then you will naturally DO what needs to be done to sustain that.

Don’t look for a promotion so you can be a leader, be a leader so you get promoted.
Vision takes you from here to somewhere else.
A leader can’t stand that what is. A leader has a hunger to create what should be. A leader has courage to put his feet down and walk against the negative current to create a new positive current.