Week 4: Purpose, Self Worth, Value


We value what we think gives us value. For example, if we think money gives us value, then we value money.
There are 7 things most people value, I call them the 7 P’s of Pride: possessions, prestige, power, profits (money), position, praise, and pleasure.
Which of these do you seek after? If you are seeking it, it is because you think it will add to your worth in some way. But none of these things can really add to your worth. It may seem like it, but soon you need more. It can be like chasing the end of a rainbow, always just out of reach.
What really gives you worth? It is living a life with purpose and meaning. It is having a connection with your creator.
When you understand that you were created by loving God for a purpose, your life has meaning, then your existence is validated. You don’t need the 7 P’s of pride to prove that you are somebody, you already are and always will be somebody important!
Think of a new born infant. We see them as precious and priceless. We just love them! But why? What have they done to earn being loved? They can’t talk, they are chubby, they cry, they sleep weird hours, they don’t make any money, no teeth or hair, and they mess their pants! But we love them! They don’t have any of the 7 P’s of pride, but they don’t care and we don’t care. There is something intangible that we just love – we sense their divine nature! Your divine nature has always been a part of you, it is just that we tend to bury it with fear and self doubt. We begin comparing ourselves to others and we think we need something to prove that we are something. When we come to know our Creator, then we will come to know ourselves. We were made in the image of God, and all the divine attributes of God are within us. We just need to develop them. Just like that new born infant has the potential to walk and run, but it has to develop the dormant potential within. So it is with you! The truth is that you are amazing!

Knowing your purpose in life is essential for a happy, productive life. Many people go through life without figuring out what their purpose is. It is like going on vacation without deciding where you want to go. Could you imagine a person saying, “I am going on vacation on Redwood Road.” They would end up where the road took them, which might not be where they wanted to go. It is best first to decide where you are going, and then plot a course to get there. So it is in life, if you don’t have a purpose, any road will do. Once you have defined where you want to go, the chances of getting there go up dramatically.

Exercise 1
Discovering Your Purpose:
Here are some self evaluation questions to help you discover your purpose:
What brings me joy?
What can I do to bless the lives of others?
What cause do I feel compelled to be a part of?
What problem in the world am I most concerned about? What can I do to be a force for good?
If I didn’t have to worry about money, what would I love to be doing?
What makes my heart sing?
What am I good at?
What am I interested in learning about?
What am I curious about?
What fascinates me?
What would be a “best case scenario” for me?
What would my health, spirituality, relationships, finances, profession, friends and fun be like in a “best case scenario”?
You have got to have a bigger vision for your future than your past or your present. If you don’t define how you want your life to be, you just end up where the road takes you.

Exercise 2:
What are your priorities?most people want some of the following; mark which of these you value, feel free to add something to the list if needed:

peace, joy, justice, faith, career, authority, legacy, integrity, influence, success, fame, wisdom, power, happiness, recognition, pleasure, friendship, truth, acceptance, wealth, love, family, status, sex, health, service to others, fun, Zion, marriage, faith in God, children, service to others, church

Now what are the six most important to you?


Now narrow it down to the top three things you want in your life:


Now write a sentence or two on each of these three areas; what does success in these areas mean to you?

Success to me means…

Now take these sentences and write a short paragraph describing what is most important in your life.

You now have something to help move you in the right direction, like a light house. When you are faced with a decision, ask yourself what will move you closer to your most important priorities. Don’t let your priorities be high-jacked by lesser things! Your priorities, your purpose, your dreams needs to be non-negotiable!

Retrain your brain to seek for purpose rather than pleasure, profits, possessions, etc
Addiction is not the solution to the pain of life.

Believe to see
See to do
Do to improve
Improve consistently to win
Make sure you have a dream bigger than who you are!
Who will win? The person who believes in something so strong the dream is non-negotiable.
Need a dream bigger than current reality