Week 12: What is “normal” for you?

What has become normal in your life?

The body has a DNA blueprint of how the body should be. Our bodies do the best they can to adhere to the blueprint. When we experience an injury or sickness, this is seen as  a deviation from the blueprint, and the body does the best it can to restore the body to the condition the blueprint defines as “normal”. If we get a scratch on our hand, that is a deviation from the blueprint, we aren’t supposed to have a scratch on our hand. So, in a miraculous way, the body auto-corrects and restores the hand to its “normal” state by healing the injury. Within a short time there is no clue on the hand of the scratch that had been there a short time before.

The other day I noticed that a scratch on my head was no longer there, and as I consider how the body heals, it came to me that in the mind we have also created a blueprint for what is normal in our life, and when we deviate from that blueprint, our mind will auto-correct and seek to restore things to what our blueprint had defined as normal.

What is normal in a person’s life?
For many, some of the following conditions have become “normal.”
Feeling out of control
Feeling unloved
Feeling stuck, powerless to change
Being a victim

The list could go on. As we face challenges and difficulties in life, we come to conclusions about our-self and our life, and we unwittingly define as “normal” things that make us miserable. But we our subconscious mind as embraced this as “normal”, it will seek to maintain this “normal” state. As we seek to improve our circumstances, a part of the mind will seek auto-correct and return things to “normal”. This prevents us from be able to break free of the patterns of the past, and keeps us stuck going around in circles and never consistently sustaining a better life.
To change this we need to redefine what is “normal” in our life. Write out how you would like “normal” to be.

In my life it is normal…
to have healthy relationships, to be financially stable, to feel loved, to be kind and patient with others, to lead with love, to feel connected to God, be happy, smile easily, be optimistic in challenges… etc.

Write out a description of your life that you would love. Then do the EFT tapping, first acknowledging the truth of what has been, and then replacing it with what you desire. For example, while tapping you could say,

In my life it seems that I am always disappointed. Being disappointed has become a normal part of my life. But that is all in the past now. I now see a future where things work out, despite challenges along the way. Things just always seem to work out. I often hear myself saying, “Things turned out better than I could have planned.” “Who could have guessed things would work out that well.” “It is amazing how things fell in place.” It is normal in my life for things to work out, and when they don’t, I look forward with hope in anticipation that since what I was expecting didn’t happen, then there must be something better that I don’t know about yet. I still have to work hard, it is normal for me to work hard, good things come to those who do work hard, and in the end things work out. In my life it is normal for things to work out. Success flows consistently in my life.

This type of exercise needs to be repeated daily for at least month. More than once a day is even better. You need to see and feel this better scenario. You need to brainwash your mind into believing that this “new normal” really is what is normal for you. The more you see it and feel it the faster the brain will buy into it. Once you mind accepts this “new normal” it will seek to maintain that, and when there are deviations from the “normal” it will auto correct to keep your life in a “normal” state. You have now modified the blue print.
Things in life that are normal will take effort, but it usually isn’t that hard. For instance, it is normal for me to go jogging and take a shower in the morning. That might not be normal for most people, but in my life I no longer have a goal to go jogging in the morning, I just do. I don’t put it on the calendar, I don’t need reminders, it is just part of my routine. After jogging it is normal for me to take a shower. I don’t put that on the calendar either, it is just normal for me. Since these activities are normal, I don’t consider the activities needed to make this happen as difficult. I just do what is needed for these normal activities to happen. Once our mind adjusts the blueprint and embraces something as normal, we find ourselves doing what is needed to sustain that condition. This can work for us or against us. This sabotages us when our “normal” is an unhappy pattern. This works to our advantage when our “normal” is a happy life. It doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges or disappointments along the way, that is part of life. But we will be in a better position to deal with those, we and will find most of the time our life is where we want it to be. It will take time and consistent effort to redefine out normal, most people never do, but it possible!