Our Approach

Association = Information = Thinking = Choices = Results/Circumstances

We believe in this simple formula. As a general rule, our results and circumstances come from our choices, how we respond to life. Given that most of us would like our circumstances to be different, we look at why we made the choice that lead to our results, and we conclude it was our “thinking” about things that lead us to those choices. But where did we get the thinking that lead to those choices and those results? We conclude that our thinking stems from the information we are exposed to from family, peers, schools, media, churches. We like to call this our “association”; people tend to do what they people they “associate” with are doing. Thinking tends to be contagious, and if the people we spend time with believe a certain way, we are more likely to think the way they think.

To help people change the circumstances in their life, we believe we need to go back to the first step. If a person seeks to change their circumstances without going back to the first three steps, they usually end up where they were before. Somehow things don’t work out, they sabotage things in some way because they still have the same thinking that produced the results they already had. We see this in the prison system where people repeatedly end up back in prison. To really change our lives, we need to get different thinking, and that can only happen if we change who and what we are getting our information from, our association. Association isn’t just friends we hang out with, it is who ever we spend time with, whatever we spend time with. The media we expose ourselves to has a huge impact here. Many people expose themselves to mindless media that does nothing to promote correct principles and correct thinking. They spend time with other people who also plug into mindless media, and no one really goes anywhere.
We challenge people to change who and what they are associating with and learn from sources that can help them get the results they want. If you wanted to learn to be a concert pianist, then you would need to learn from someone who was a concert pianist. A plumber just couldn’t help you here… unless you decided you wanted to be a plumber. If you wanted to learn to be a master chef, you would need to learn from a master chef. Only people with the results we are seeking can help us achieve those results. If you want to make $100,000 per year, your broke friend can’t really teach you how to do it. He may have an opinion on what you could do to make $100,000, but he must not really know how or he would have the results to prove it.
One tool we encourage people to use is good books. Through books we can “associate” with people we will never have the chance to spend time with in person, even people who have been dead for centuries. Through books we can learn from the greatest minds that have ever lived and develop the thinking that produced the results they had. Great books are one of the most under-used resources in our culture. Reading isn’t cool or popular, people don’t like to read. But by reading we can stand on the shoulders of giants truly change our thinking.
There are also audio recordings that a person can listen to on a regular basis that promote correct principles and can help a person change their thinking. We recommend audios and books from the Life Leadership organization. We have found their information to be excellent, principle based information. They have a policy council to make sure the information that comes through their system is from people who have results in their field. You can see more at http://www.LifeLeadership.com

Another tool that we use to help people change their thinking is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This is an out-of-the-box tool that helps to rewire subconscious programming. the mechanics of EFT are very simple. Basic instruction is given so a person can use this tool on their own. For more information see the “EFT” tab.