Week 10: EFT for Addiction

I discussed with more about addiction. An addict will use their substance or behavior of choice to escape the pain of life. It is what they use to cope with the pain of life. However, it backfires and the addiction becomes one of the things that causes pain in life. So they use what causes pain to escape pain.

A class member volunteered and I showed how to use EFT to remove addictive cravings. I had her vividly imagine her addictive substance, which happened to be prescription pain medication. As she closed her eyes and focused on the medication, she could feel a very strong craving come up. With EFT the craving diminished some, but we had to address the pain she was trying to tranquilize with her addictive substance. In this instance one of the most painful memories was loosing her children because the crime that sent her to jail – which involved her addiction. We used EFT to work through this very sensitive, intense memory. Many women in the class had a similar experience and we were able help them be free from the pain of this memory. As the pain from of this cleared, we checked back at the intensity of the craving and it was almost completely gone. Once the pain was gone, there was not need for the substance to tranquilize the pain.

It was an amazing class!